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" ALL the psychics and divination specialist we work with have been rigorously screen. You will only be put in contact with authentic, professional psychics, tarot specialists and those experienced in handling important questions and issues. Learn more about psychics.. Best of all, ALL readings come with a satisfaction guarantee!. You are satisfied with your most current reading, or it is free. We want you to be happy with our service and become a long term client."

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Welcome to Psychic Selection Service! The idea behind our service is very simple.

"Wouldn't it be nice", we thought, "if there were a service you could call (toll free of course) that would help you with questions about getting a psychic reading, or a tarot reading, or even a personal horoscope with a live astrologer." Of course, the staff would have to specially trained to help with selecting a psychic, AND, assist people who wanted help with what questions to ask, or avoid asking, a psychic.

The more we talked with people interested in psychics, divination, astrology, the more we heard, "Gee, you know, if there was a free phone service I could call who could help me with selecting a psychic, and help me with the questions to ask a psychic, I would call it". Naturally, this service would have to directly connect you with the best available professional psychic for your needs. AND, all the psychics, tarot readers, astrologers and other mystical specialist had to be screened to ensure they had authentic talents with a professional background in the mystical arts. And, of course, all billing would be handled professionally with respect to your privacy.

"Well, we thought, "let's put together a team of support specialists to can help with selecting a psychic and answering questions about contacting talented psychics, tarot readers, astrologers, mediums and others skilled with the mystical arts".

Once our support specialists were assembled, we combined resources with 1800 (for our toll free 800 number). Then, teamed up with Psychic Source, a company with a long history of reliable service in providing access to authentic psychics (providing this service since 1989. Way before Internet psychics were the rage). We also teamed with 1800 Tarot, 1800 Astrology, Psychics Directory, and Psychic Directory Network and a number of other sites to bring you a wide selection of psychics to choose from. Help Choosing The Perfect Psychic To Answer Your Questions - Psychic Selection Service

And, here we are!   For you!   Toll free to call and everything.   You are under absolutely NO obligation to accept a reading when you call. There is NO charge to call, ever. You decide if and when you want a reading. Now, it is up to you. Let us show you how easy it is to get any and all the questions you have ever wanted to ask a psychic answered. Call anytime, 24/7, day or night. Someone will be available to help you find that professional psychic who help you find answers and insights into any issue. Still have questions? Give us a call.

We very much look forward to meeting you!

(Toll Free Call USA And Canada)

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